Cheng Tin Hung


                                                         Cheng Tin Hung (1930 -2005)

                                           1950   Established the Cheng Tin Hung Tai Chi Academy in Hong Kong

                                           1957   SE Asian Open Championship winner, Taiwan

                                           1972   Established Hong Kong Tai Chi Association

                                           1974   Involved in HK martial film production

                                           1975   Established Tai Chi classes in conjunction with HK government

                                           1980s Visited the UK (including Ian Cameron classes in Scotland)

                                                      Established Tai Chi heights in Guangzhou

Cheng Tin Hung devoted his life to Tai Chi Chuan, and as well as being known as a tough fighter, was an accomplished tai chi theorist and historian. He is founder of what has become the Wu-cheng style (Also known as Wutan & Wudang).

He has written several books, including Tai Chi Exercise, Wutan Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sabre Sword Spear, and Tai Chi Transcendent Art. He has written a number of articles (for example the source of the yin yang), and appeared in newspapers of the time.

Wu-cheng Tai Chi is represented  in the UK by Cheng’s students Ian Cameron, and his younger tai chi  ‘brother’, Dan Docherty, both of whom trained with Cheng in Hong Kong in the 70‘s, although have developed the style in contrasting manners. Cheng taught a number of seminars in Scotland and London in the mid 80s.

Cheng established Tai Chi Heights in later life, his home and school, and film of him performing forms on his ‘patio’ can be found in the links page. The Hong Kong Tai Chi Association continues today under his son Cheng Kam Yan, again found in the links page..