Data Privacy (GDPR 2018)


On joining the class, some information is given and collected intended to keep you informed of class events, ensure your safety and legal compliance within the class, create personal insurance, ensure emergency contacts are known, and where preferred, to allow block booking electronic invoicing.

Specifically this includes:

  1. 1.Your name , address, email address, contact telephone number and date of birth (for insurance)

  2. 2.The name and contact telephone number of an elected emergency contact person

This data takes the form of initial paperwork (‘Welcome Pack’) and electronically stored copies & a database containing the information supplied in same.

Your data is not shared with any third party, but used only for the purpose above.

In storing your data, it is ensured that the confidentiality of your information is protected and used in accordance with the The Genera Data Protection Regulation, effective 25th May 2018.

The GDPR regulations are intended to allow you better control of your data.

The storage of your data is required if you attend class. However, you have the option of choosing how this is used to communicate with you. From 25th May, the Welcome Pack allows you to indicate your OptIN/OptOut preferences on joining, including all of the above, and additionally the choice to allow any photographic images of you on social media communications and advertising.

To ensure the security of your information, data is destroyed after a period of time.

  1. a.Initial paper Welcome Pack ( or emailed copies) are safely destroyed and disposed

    of immediately upon extraction to the database, and a copy emailed to you 

    confirming that extraction and destruction.

b. Electronic and database records are deleted should the student fail to attend class 

    for a period of 6 months, or sooner where Five Winds (Glasgow) receives an 

    instruction to do so on a student leaving the club.


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