Glasgow Instructor Background


Instructor Background

Stephen Douglas

Senior Instructor

Five Winds School of Tai Chi Chuan

I first started practising Yang Style Tai Chi in 1984, but took the opportunity in early 1985 to attend  

Wudang classes in Glasgow being held by Sifu Ian Cameron, initially to develop the martial aspects

of the art. The pragmatic, down to earth approach of the style, the immense subject matter, and Ian’s

huge knowledge and practice based ability, have all been important in keeping my interest for over

30 years now.

I view the ‘traditional’ nature of the practice and style as a positive, and one aspect of that is no belts or 

gradings, and very little interest in competition entry. I do have 2 medals from the TCU European 

Competition in Denmark from 2002, but the idea of self development and the personal lessons in facing

challenge and so on, are of greater interest.

There has been some fun along the way, some travel with Tai Chi friends to China, USA, martial events, 

and not forgetting the experience of being part of the BBC Tai Chi ident team and TV filming.

I am a certificated senior instructor  in Five winds School, and operate with insurance through the BCCMA.

It has been said that the ultimate goal of Tai Chi Chuan is Health, Longevity, Martial Ability and Wisdom, 

and I practice for all these reasons. I am interested in the philosophy and theory behind Tai Chi Chuan, 

and the many personal benefits brought by regular and consistent practice. It can positively influence  life

in general on a number of levels, and for me it has also been a good way to remain fit and healthy.  It is 

something you can ‘carry’ with you, and practice anywhere, anytime.

Tai Chi is not for everyone, but I certainly recommend it.