Five Winds School of Tai Chi Chuan

Link to Five Winds main site containing full instructor listings, regular training tips from Ian Cameron, and additional articles

Link to the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts, including details of the insurance policy used by Five Winds instructors and students.

Link to site explaining the typology of broadswords, blade type, etc

Link describing spear typology

Link to an Adam Hsu interview where he discusses Chan si

Link to The Chinese Spear - King of Chinese Weapons


Link to the Hong Kong Tai Chi Association


Link to website of Tong Chi Kin, student of Cheng Tin Hung, and featured on Five Winds You Tube

An interesting Chinese you tube link to Wudang  style protagonists - mature student of Cheng Tin Hung !

Wu style link

Link to Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

Link to George Liew on You Tube, student of Cheng Tin Hung

Paul Chen Swords


Link to page giving some background of Cheng Tin Hung