Five Winds Glasgow News & updates
                               Last update 11th July 2018


11th July - Added new video to Glasgow YouTube, a look at selected Tai Chi Classics, first posted last year as FB memes.

New Ian Cameron book
27th March - New Ian Cameron book available on itunes/ibook, an amalgamation of daily social media postings. If you have access, strongly recommended.
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28th May -   I would encourage you to follow the page, particularly class members,   as is the best way to keep up to date with classes, and a good source of Tai Chi ‘food for thought’.
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27th Feb 2016   - Be aware that Ian Cameron’s weapons book is almost sold out, 
and is available only to Five Winds students only
Books are available directly from Ian , and no longer via the web shop.   
Aug 2013-  Ian Cameron articles and training tips (with video inserts) are now 
available in a book form free in the iPad bookstore (Tai Chi Chuan - Practiced). Distribution has now reached over 9000 copies (update1st March 2017 - over 35,000 copies so far)