Five Winds Glasgow News & updates
                               Last update 5th December 2018


Christmas Break
9th Nov  The last class before Christmas will be Tuesday 18th December, and the first back in January will be Tuesday 8th January 2019

11th July - Added new video to Glasgow YouTube, a look at selected Tai Chi Classics, first posted last year as FB memes.

New Ian Cameron book
27th March - New Ian Cameron book available on itunes/ibook, an amalgamation of daily social media postings. If you have access, strongly recommended.
Link at 
28th May -   I would encourage you to follow the page, particularly class members,   as is the best way to keep up to date with classes, and a good source of Tai Chi ‘food for thought’.
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27th Feb 2016   - Be aware that Ian Cameron’s weapons book is almost sold out, 
and is available only to Five Winds students only
Books are available directly from Ian , and no longer via the web shop.   
Aug 2013-  Ian Cameron articles and training tips (with video inserts) are now 
available in a book form free in the iPad bookstore (Tai Chi Chuan - Practiced). Distribution has now reached over 9000 copies (update1st March 2017 - over 35,000 copies so far)