Wu - Cheng Tai Chi Chuan

 The founder of the style is Chen Tin Hung. Cheng learned from his uncle Cheng Wing Kwong, in turn a student of Wu Chien Chuen (1870 - 1942), son of  Wu Chun Yau (1834-1902). Wu Chien Chuen is recognised as founder of Wu family style (reference the ‘Gold Book’), or at least introducing it to the ordinary man and beyond the imperial palaces. Tai chi (as recognised today) generally became available to the Chinese public during the late Quing and Republican periods, promoted in particular by the Central Guoshu Academy from around 1927 0nward. The origins however reportedly date back some 2000 years.

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On asking my teacher (Ian Cameron) , he said that Cheng Tin Hung had told him he called his tai chi ‘Wutan ‘ (Wudang) out of respect for the place of origin of the art, but practiced ‘Ng” (Wu) style. While Cheng can be viewed in early photographs of the Wu family Tai Chi fraternity, he formed his own school in Hong Kong in the 1950’s. The Hong Kong Tai Chi Association continues today under his son,  Cheng Kam Yan. 

Cheng Tin Hung did not claim to be founder of any Wudang style, but the name was adopted, certainly in the UK. With the passing of Cheng Tin Hung in 2005, the name Wu - Cheng has been adopted.

Occasionally arguments arise regarding the adopted style name. 
Any arguments of this nature regarding styles, names, and similar are ultimately pointless. The important point is the quality and content of the Tai Chi taught.