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Tai Chi Chuan Lineage

The origins of Tai Chi Chuan are much disputed, particularly pre 19th/ 20th century, with even some question over Chen family being founders of Tai Chi Chuan as we know it today. Legend attributes the first Tai Chi links to the Taoist Monk Chang San-feng, circa 12-1300CE, and places Wutan Mountain as the birth place of Tai Chi. Taoist philosophy pervades Tai Chi Chuan as it does Chinese culture..
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In addition to these Taoist links (eg Lao Tzu, I Ching ), Tai Chi has further cultural influences, for example Military Arts & Strategy, Chinese Boxing Arts, and ancient health manuals. Below shows the line leading to Five Winds School. It is interesting to note the link Cheng Tin Hung has through Wang Lan Ting line to Taoist study, as well as to Wu Family.

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Chen Chang hsing (1771 - 1853)

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Chen Keng-yun

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Yang Lu-chan
(1799 - 1872)
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Wang Lan-ting

Yang Pan-hou
(1837- 1890)

Yang Chien-hou
(1839 - 1917)
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Ching Yat

Wu Ch'uan -yau
(1834 - 1902)

Yang Cheng -fu
(1883 - 1936)

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Qi Ke-san

Wu Chien-chuan
(1870 - 1942)

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Qi Min-xuan
Cheng Wing-kwong
(1903 - 1967)
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Cheng Tin hung
(1930 - 2005)

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Ian Cameron
Cheng Tin Hung (1930 - 2005)
Cheng Tin Hung is founder of Wu-Cheng Tai Chi Chuan ……..

Cheng Tin Hung (1930 -2005)
Born Guanzhong Province

Cheng Tin Hung learned Tai Chi from a young age, initially from his uncle, and then with Qi Min-xuan (Taoist background).
In 1950, he stablished the Cheng Tin Hung Tai Chi Academy in Hong Kong.
His reputation was enhanced in 1957 when he won the SE Asian Open Championship, held in Taiwan, defeating Shaolin master You Wen Tong. In the following years he trained many successful competition fighters.
In the 70's he was approached by the Hong Kong government to spread Tai Chi through free public lessons, and later established the Hong Kong Tai Chi Association (1972) which continues today under his son, Cheng Kam Yan.
He appears at the front end of the Shaw Bros movie, The Shadow Boxer, and was involved in the production (1975). (This movie and other film of Cheng Tin Hung can be found on YouTube).
Cheng visited the UK in the mid 80's giving seminars with his UK students, Ian Cameron (Five Winds) and Dan Docherty (Practical TCC), both of whom continue to promote Tai Chi Chuan in the UK as a useful fighting art. Grand Master Cheng essentially retired from public life in the 90's, establishing Tai Chi Heights, a home where he could continue his Tai Chi.
As well as being known as a tough fighter & teacher, was an accomplished tai chi theorist and historian. He is founder of what has become the Wu-cheng style (Also known as Wutan / Wudang).
He has written several books, including Tai Chi Exercise, Wutan Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sabre Sword Spear, and Tai Chi Transcendent Art. He has written a number of articles (for example the source of the yin yang), and appeared in newspapers of the time.

Ian Cameron
Ian Cameron is founder of Five Winds School of Tai Chi Chuan…..
Ian Cameron was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1944.
He first came under the tutelage of Cheng Tin hung in 1971 whilst serving in the armed forces in Hong Kong. On his return to Edinburgh he set up his class which was to evolve into the Five Winds School.
He trained in Judo, Karate and Boxing in his youth, seeking out Cheng Tin Hung while serving in the armed forces in Hong Kong (1971-74).
On leaving the armed forces in 1976/77 he began classes in Edinburgh. He subsequently returned to Hong Kong in 1980 for a month, with the purpose of intensively training with Cheng. Cheng Tin Hung was then Mr Cameron's guest in Scotland the following year, and again in 1985 and 86, teaching seminars throughout the UK. Mr Cameron was a founder member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, and sat originally as Technical Director of that body He has entered students in competition with good success. He remains a leading practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi Chuan in the UK and continues to fervently defend the traditional approach to Cheng's system of training.
Ian Cameron has published five books to date :
The Practice of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan,
The Practice of Tai Chi Chuan Weapons Forms,
Tai Chi Chuan Practice (free on iBooks),
TCC Life & the martial arts (free on iBooks),
Tai Chi Chuan by Ian Cameron (free on iBooks)
More information in the Link below.
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Cheng Wing kwong was uncle and teacher of Chen Tin Hung.
Amongst his many achievements he was a senior 'in the door student' of Wu Chen chuan, vice president of the Wu Chen chuan Tai Chi Academy in Hong Kong, and formed the Wing Kwong Tai Chi Academy in 1953, still active today in HK.
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Cheng Tin hung attending Ian Cameron's class Edinburgh, 1986
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Ian Cameron, Principle of Five Winds School of Tai Chi Chuan, with Stephen Douglas.
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Wu style Taijiquan video with Chu Min-yi (1884 - 1946), disciple of Wu Chien Chuan, recorded in 1937 in Shanghai.
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